100 Micron Aluminum Oxide - Medium (15lb)

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Vaniman’s line of abrasive media is of the highest quality and purity. High-quality media virtually eliminates impurities and increases blasting precision and consistency.

Advantages and uses:

  • Fine surfacing of metal, porcelain and acrylic
  • Removal of oxides
  • Preparation of porcelain faces before firing
  • Deflasking
  • Alloy preparation for porcelain work
  • Bulk removal of investment and tough oxide layers
  • Rough surface preparation
  • Smoothing/polishing
  • Devesting porcelain
  • Finishing of occlusal surfaces/crown interiors
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Compatible Etchers Vaniman Sandstorm Professional Micro-Abrasive Blaster
Product Width 9 in
Product Length 12 in
Product Height 7 in
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