Nylon Splints

We have combined our in-depth technical experience with 3D software, the latest printing technology, and biocompatible nylon material to deliver an advanced appliance. Leveraging the details and accuracy of digital 3D models and fabricated in laser sintered nylon, this low-profile appliance is strong, lightweight, and flexible. It precisely engages the undercut to provide ideal retention and fit.       

The nylon biteplane appliance is aesthetically appealing and can be used for a broad spectrum of patient cases.  The appliance can be used therapeutically or diagnostically.

Nylon Anterior BiteplaneNylon Anterior Biteplane

How do I adjust the nylon appliance?

The nylon anterior biteplane is easy to adjust. The technique is similar to that of a traditional appliance. Refer to the adjustment instructions enclosed with each appliance for complete adjustment instructions. The nylon adjustment supplies used in the technique are available from Great Lakes (see below).

Can I add to or modify the nylon appliance?

The nylon appliance readily accepts acrylic to further enhance comfort and fit. We recommend Fast White from Great Lakes for ideal aesthetics and color.   

What’s unique about the nylon?

The nylon material is the perfect vehicle for translating the detailed information from a 3D scan into an incredibly strong, flexible and lightweight yet durable appliance.

What about retention?

Each splint is digitally designed by our technicians, who optimize retention and engagement of the undercut in software. This results in a splint with ideal and consistent retention.    

How do I send cases?

Cases can be submitted digitally or traditionally. Intraoral scans can be uploaded to the Great Lakes Upload Portal or sent to Great Lakes through your intraoral scanner. You may also submit cases traditionally using a prescription form and PVS impressions or stone models. Learn how to send us a case.