Medley Gold™ Sleep Appliance

The Medley Appliance is designed to reduce or alleviate nighttime snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in adults 18 years of age and older. The Medley's custom-fit upper and lower trays are fabricated to an exact model of the patient's teeth.

The unique Medley Appliance features a platform with dual configuration options* that can accommodate different advancement mechanisms; rigid nylon links, elastomeric straps, or Telescopic Herbst® arms (Rod Sleeve). The Herbst version is PDAC approved. Each advancement application can be placed or removed from the platform in about 60 seconds chairside, by an assistant. The Medley Appliance allows the doctor to develop a treatment plan to best suit a patient's specific needs and comfort, without the need for multiple appliances.

The Medley was invented by Dr. Robert Rogers, a practitioner of dental sleep medicine since 1990. Watch this video featuring Dr. Rogers who presents an overview of the Medley appliance along with a demonstration of how easy it is to change advancement options.

"The Medley Appliance serves the needs of a vast majority of my patients who suffer from sleep apnea and nighttime snoring. I have found that the Medley Links appliance is ideal for 80% of those patients. But I am also pleased to be able to quickly address any issues that arise during treatment with either the Elastomeric version, if they have a little joint discomfort, or the Rod Sleeve version, if I feel a Herbst appliance is warranted. My patients respond well to treatment and are happy that they don’t have to incur additional cost for a new appliance or a delay in treatment."

Robert Rogers, DMD, DABDSM

Robert Rogers, DMD, DABDSM

Send your completed prescription, together with high quality impressions/digital scans or stone models with a therapeutic bite to Great Lakes Lab. Clinical instructions for doctor can be found here. Patient instructions can be found in the “DOWNLOADS” tab for each of the different Medley versions.

*Herbst is a registered trademark of Dentaurum, Inc.