BT2 Overbite Corrector (10/pkg)

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BT2 is a bite turbo device to treat severe, skeletal deep overbite malocclusion. Bonded palatally with anatomical 80-gauge mesh base on the upper central incisors, it is ideal for the treatment of Rapid Deep Overbite Correction (RDC). Its patented curvature, designed by Dr. John Voudouris (University of Toronto and New York University), reduces muscle hyperactivity and parafunction, permits anterior guidance of the lower incisors that lifts the bite, and prevents anterior interferences during forward grinding.

BT2 is wear-resistant, has a new and unique vertical groove to help placement, and facilitates debonding as it is collapsible. It allows free physiological molar and premolar eruption without molar intrusion effects and requires no-mix and no-cure, making it an ideal chairside  method to rapidly open deep overbites within 4-6 months in both children and adults. BT2 is also very helpful in Class III overclosure if bonded to the lingual of the two lower central incisors to open bite.

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