Retainer and Active Plate Fabrication (Intermediate)

Covers fabrication of special retainers and active removable appliances with replacement of teeth (pontics) and bite plates.

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  Great Lakes Exclusive

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2 Day Course

Covers fabrication of active removable appliances with replacement of teeth.

  • Pontics
  • Expansion Screws
  • Review of clasps and Hawley labial bow
  • Wraparound labial bow
  • Bite plates (anterior and posterior)

Prerequisite:  Must have previous wirebending, acrylic processing, and appliance finishing experience. Suggested courses prior to this session would include:

Full Curriculum:

  • Review of basic clasps
  • Review of Hawley labial
  • Special labial bows
  • Fabrication and use of bite plates
  • Fabrication of expansion appliance
    Setting expansion screw
    Cutting expansion screw and finishing
  • Replacement of teeth (pontics / flippers)
    Fitting teeth to model
    Attaching teeth to appliance
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