Maestro 3D Desktop Scanning System

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A digital model generating system that creates fully rendered 3D models from intraoral scans, bites, impressions, or existing models. 3D models are delivered with unprecedented accuracy, clarity, and resolution. Designed with intuitive viewing software and analytical tools that allows you to manage and edit your digital STL files, perform complex measurements, create virtual bases and occlusal maps, and analyze patient cases swiftly and efficiently. Preserves office space by archiving patient models digitally.

Maestro 3D Benefits

  • Digital models eliminate the production, storage, and archiving of plaster study models, freeing up space and time for patient care.
  • The Maestro 3D System is designed with intuitive viewing software and analytical tools that make it quick and easy to integrate into your practice. 
  • Maestro 3D models are a significant time saver and will allow you to diagnose, treatment plan, and educate patients faster.
  • The digital scans are produced through a modern, safe structured light scanning process that delivers 3D models with unprecedented accuracy, clarity, and resolution.

Easy Dental Scan Software

  • Comprehensive:  Automatic acquisition of dental models include full arch, stumps, and antagonist models. Allows inspection, editing (remove geometry decimation), and measuring (distance, angle) of the dental models.
  • Easy to Align:  Innovative Autoalign feature allows for automatic or manual adjustment of the antagonists and bite.
  • Versatile:  The software can be used to scan orthodontic models as well as crown and bridge models.
  • Reliable:  Easy Dental Scan continually monitors the system's hardware (projector, camera, rotary table, etc.) to ensure optimal performance - at all times. No calibration needed.
  • Easy to Set Up:  Just plug into the USB connection and you're ready to go.
  • Easy to Configure:  Software can be configured and expanded to your specific needs.

Ortho Studio Software

Ortho Studio is a powerful, dedicated software package that allows fast and accurate inspection, editing, and analysis of patient cases using high quality 3D data scanned with the Maestro 3D Scanner. 

Ortho Studio also comes with Ortho Studio Viewer. This free software allows digital models, exported with Ortho Studio to be distributed, viewed, and inspected. This highly intuitive viewer allows customers to open the models and see the virtual setup. Ortho Studio Viewer can be branded exclusively for your company or practice.


  • Powerful:  Complete set of 3D distance and measurement tools. 
  • Allows: teeth/arch measures, 3D/2D cross sections (overjet, overbite), and occlusion inspection. 
  • Easy to Use:  Wizard mode makes it simple to perform any operation.
  • Fast:  All analytical operations can be performed in a few minutes.
  • Versatile:  Stitches custom virtual bases to maxillary and mandibular models. Add Parallel, ABO, Ricketts, and Tweed bases in less than one minute. Set up analysis points on scanned models for rapid, consistent analysis.

NOTE: No Refunds or Returns. 

Included in Package

  • Maestro 3D Desktop Scanner
  • Dell Precision Computer (Monitor not included)
  • Software: Easy Dental Scan, Ortho Studio, Ortho Studio Viewer
More Information
Captures Color No
Output Formats STL
Software Included
  • Easy Dental Scan
  • Ortho Studio
  • Ortho Studio Viewer
Scan Time - Model 120 seconds
License Information Unlimited license
Scan Time - Impression 180 seconds
Model Capacity 1 Model
PC Requirements

Dell Precision Computer Included (Monitor not included)

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