EasyClip+® Self-Ligating

Our EasyClip+® self-ligating brackets offer extreme versatility and exceptional control at an affordable price.

The EasyClip+® Systems can be used as fully passive, fully interactive, or a combination of both. This hybrid approach enables you to use both passive and interactive brackets, offering a variety of treatment options. Intelligently designed, EasyClip+ is engineered for comfort, easy placement, and secure bonding.

  • Lowest profile on the market
  • Thermal NiTi Clip / Planar design for easy opening and secure engagement
  • Combines the best of both Passive and Interactive treatment techniques with familiar geometric design
  • System can be utilized as: 
    • Fully Passive
    • Fully Interactive, or
    • Combinations of Both
  • Allows orthodontists full control from start to finish 
  • More comfortable for patients
  • Reduces friction and improves sliding mechanics
  • Fewer patient visits compared to traditional brackets
  • Open mini twin design for easy positioning reference and maximum patient hygiene

EasyClip+® Benefits

Key Advantages

  • Innovative chairside system reduces time and costs associated with changing archwires and appliances
  • Longer time intervals between visits
  • Well-defined Archwire Sequencing Protocols
  • A complete archwire system with "Force Modules" specifically calibrated for Self-Ligating Brackets
  • Physiologically and mechanically advantageous "Light Forces"

Better than the Competition

  • Lowest SLB profile when compared to Damon, Carriere, In-Ovation and BioQuik
  • Unlike Damon and Carriere, our bracket gates cover the entire width of the slot
  • Lever action "Instant Clip" makes changing archwires easy and efficient
  • Offers a complete archwire system with all options of material composition
  • Systems choices allows doctors to determine the degree of control needed

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  • Individual Brackets

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