Upcoming Webinars

We are pleased to offer webinars with the goal of empowering doctors and laboratories with information that can help patients and impact the bottom line. Pick the webinar and time you wish to attend from the listing below. You will then be asked to register with your name and contact information. We will email you instructions to join, as well as periodic reminders.

How Positive Pressure Thermal Forming Can Help Improve Practice Profitability

**Attendees of this webinar receive a DISCOUNT on the MiniSTAR! **

This webinar focuses on increasing practice profitability by:

1) Utilizing positive pressure thermal forming to efficiently fabricate appliances
2) Increasing the variety of in-house fabricated appliances
3) Taking advantage of our free on-line training

This 30-minute webinar includes a 10-minute Q&A.

Friday, January 28
12:00PM EST - 12:30PM EST
Friday, January 28
03:00PM EST - 03:30PM EST
Friday, January 28
06:00PM EST - 06:30PM EST
Friday, January 28
09:00PM EST - 09:30PM EST