Oral Screens

Shop for oral screens, used to help break bad oral habits, including thumb sucking, thrusting and more.

Oral screens help your littlest patients break damaging habits:

  • Thumb or finger sucking
  • Pacifier use 
  • Habitual mouth breathing 
  • Tongue thrusting
  • Lip sucking

Early intervention, before the deciduous teeth begin to transition to the mixed dentition, can help to eliminate the habitual tendencies before the damage causes serious deformation of the jaw and permanent dentition.

If harmful habits persist into the mixed dentition, and are then transferred to the permanent dentition, orthodontic therapy will be more comprehensive and complicated as well as significantly more costly.

Providing this service is a great benefit to your patients and their parents who will potentially save thousands of dollars in reduced orthodontic treatment.

Clinical Benefits

  • Aids the natural correction of existing anomalies
  • Helps eliminate speech defects
  • Corrects malfunctions of the tongue
  • Eliminates harmful oral respiration
  • Restores normal lip closure
  • Strengthens lip musculature
  • Supports myofunctional therapy
  • Prevents prolonged orthodontic treatment and stops harmful habits

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