Plaster & Model Work

Shop for plaster and equipment including mixers, model trimmers, as well as plaster and stone.


  • Model Finishing

    Our model finishing supplies allow you to smooth and shape models with precision.

  • Plaster Mixers

    Our plaster mixers are used to blend perfect mixtures of stone, plaster or die material.

  • Model & Lab Boxes

    Our model and lab boxes allow completed cases to be stored in a neat and orderly fashion in your laboratory.

  • Model Trimmers

    Our model trimmers and wheels are precision engineered for flawless cuts and grinds on plaster or stone.

  • Plaster & Stone

    Shop for various types of plaster, stone and accessories including model base formers.

  • Plaster Equipment

    Shop for plastic equipment, including scales, vibrators, storage bins and plaster traps.