Operatory Equipment & Supplies

Shop for operatory equipment and supplies including intraoral scanners, articulators and bite registration material.


  • TRIOS® Intraoral Scanners

    Shop for TRIOS intraoral scanners, including Pod and MOVE+ configurations.

  • Infection Prevention
    Shop for operatory infection prevention, including extraoral suction, air filtration, and more.
  • Articulators

    Shop for SAM® articulators, accessories, transfer assemblies, facebows, mounting plates and much more.

  • Bite Registration & Occlusion

    Our bite registration products allow you to capture the perfect CR, CO, MIPS or protrusive bite.

  • Dry Field Systems

    Our Great Lakes NOLA dry field systems completely eliminate saliva and have many attachments.

  • Bonding Agents

    Shop bonding agents including several products from Reliance.

  • Curing Lights

    Our curing lights are easy to handle and can quickly cure all types of material.

  • Impression Taking

    Shop for impression taking products, including impression materials, impression trays and accessories.

  • Patient Demonstrators

    Our patient demonstrators help doctors educate patients on anatomy and common conditions. 

  • Prefabricated Appliances

    Shop for prefabricated appliances, including mouthguards, oral screens and snoring / mild OSA.

  • Oral Appliance Cleansers

    Shop for oral appliance cleansers, including DentaSOAK®, DentaSPRAY, DentaSPORT, and Smilesaver.

  • Miscellaneous Operatory Equipment

    Shop for miscellaneous types of operatory equipment and supplies.