Pre-aligner Therapy

Find appliances used for Pre-Aligner Therapy, a program developed by Dr. Duane Grummons.

Bring More Clear Aligner Cases Into Your Practice

With pre-aligner therapy you can turn almost any orthodontic case into a clear aligner case. Previously complex aligner cases become moderate; moderate cases become routine; and routine cases become simple. Using pre-aligner therapy in his own practice, Dr. Duane Grummons has seen a 90% conversion rate in youth, and 80% in adults.

Pre-aligner appliances are designed to accomplish transverse width and arch length development, and create more space within the arch in preparation for smart moves® complete aligner therapy. Smooth and predictable case progress enhances your patients' experiences and success of their therapies. Facial harmony and a beautiful smile are optimized when the transverse maxillary occlusal plane, midline, chin location, and smile esthetics are emphasized.

Discover the secrets of bringing more clear aligner cases into your practice in this 9-part video with Dr. Duane Grummons that highlights:

  • An Introduction to Pre-aligner Therapy
  • The Orthodontist\u2019s Perspective
  • Limitations of Clear Aligners
  • Benefits of Pre-Aligner Therapy
  • Facial Analysis
  • Appliance Design
  • Case Examples
  • Integrating Pre-Aligner Therapy Into Your Practice
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