Invisible Retainers

Shop materials and learn how to fabricate Invisible Retainers using the Biostar® or MiniSTAR®.

Great Lakes is proud to announce a new material for creating invisible retainers - Invisacryl Ultra. This material offers fast fabrication, uniform thickness, and consistent high quality. Is ultra clear, strong, durable, and stain resistant. BPA and phthalate free.

To fabricate an Invisible Retainer, Great Lakes also recommends 1mm Clear Splint Biocryl, 1mm Invisacryl A or 1mm Invisacryl C. Many of our doctors prefer to make their patients two sets of Invisible Retainers - one for daytime wear and one for nighttime wear. For daytime wear, Invisacryl A will be a slightly clearer material. For nighttime wear, we recommend Invisacryl C, as it is a stronger material.

While many doctors prefer a 1mm thickness, some doctors may choose a thinner material for patient comfort.

Standard Invisible Retainer

Invisible with Single-Tooth Pontic

Invisible with Multi-Tooth Pontic

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