Headgear & Face Cribs

Shop our full line of headgear, face cribs, parts and accessories for treating difficult malocclusions.


  • Great Lakes Nola Headcaps

    Our NOLA headcaps are available in high pull and variable pull options in various sizes and colors.

  • Reverse Pull Face Cribs

    Our reverse pull face cribs are designed for treatment of Class II malocclusion, maxillary insufficiency and mandibular prognathism.

  • Protraction Face Masks

    Our lines of protraction face masks are designed for treatment of Class II malocclusion.

  • Adaptable Class III Masks

    Our Adaptable Class III masks can be configured for variable force levels.

  • NewGear™ Headgear

    Shop the NewGear™ cervical and high pull headgear that is high performing and attractive.

  • Langlade Reciprocal Arch

    The Langlade Reciporcal Arch is used to treat Class II malocclusions with Class I skeletal patterns.