Patterned Clear Retainers

Invisible retainers don’t have to be invisible! These fun and colorful patterns allow your patients to personalize their retainers. By choosing a fun Patterned Clear Retainer material, your patients will be more invested in the retention phase of treatment, more likely to wear their appliance consistently, and less likely to lose it! Improving patient compliance has never been easier.

The patterned portion is typically placed on the posterior teeth, leaving the anterior teeth clear, allowing the appliance to remain inconspicuous while adding an element of personalization and expressiveness. For patients who prefer a bolder look, appliances can be made with the graphics covering the anterior teeth; simply rotate the model 180 degrees on the thermal forming machine.

The 0.040” (1mm)/125mm patterned clear retainer material is similar to other clear plastic sheets that are commonly used to make clear retainers and aligners. The patterned material can easily be integrated into the normal workflow of any orthodontic office or lab facility with a thermal-forming machine (e.g., MiniSTAR®, Biostar®, or Drufomat machines). 

Also Available: The Grand Slam Collection features 10 Major League Baseball teams. All Patterned Clear Retainer material is also available by special order in 0.040” (1mm) square. Contact us at 800.828.7626 to order.

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