Biostar® & MiniSTAR® Machines

The Biostar & MiniSTAR are used to fabricate the highest quality appliances in your practice or laboratory.

Positive pressure machines for thermal forming, the Biostar® and MiniSTAR S® can form a wide variety of thermal plastics in thicknesses that range from 1/10th mm up to 5mm. A few of the appliances that can be fabricated include splints, mouthguards, bleaching trays, Hawley retainers, and invisible retainers. The machines are accurate enough to make a matrix for duplicating models.

Reaches working temperature in 1 second! Achieve flawless adaptation using the Biostar® with Scan Technology by combining positive pressure (90 psi), and the process of forming the heated side of the material over the model. Though smaller than the Biostar®, the MiniSTAR S® with Scan Technology fabricates the same appliances with the same professional results. The MiniSTAR S® uses 60 psi for positive pressure forming.

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