Acrylic & Equipment

Our acrylic resin comes in different colors and configurations for fabricating the perfect appliance.


  • Ortho Acrylic Resin

    Our ortho acrylic resin is perfect for fabricating retainers, functional and other appliances.

  • Splint Acrylic Resin

    Our splint acrylic resin is extra durable and will not chip, break or mar easily.

  • Specialty Acrylic Resin

    Our specialty acrylic resin includes radiographic materials for fabricating surgical guides.

  • Acrylic Resin Supplies

    Shop for monomer bottles, needle tips, mixing cups, model separator and much more.

  • Curing Equipment

    Shop for products used to cure acrylic resin, including our famous Great Lakes Pressure Pot.

  • Fume Controllers

    Shop for fume collectors that exceed OSHA air quality levels while working with monomer and other chemicals.