Pliers & Instruments

Our laboratory instruments are designed for laboratory technicians fabricating a multitude of appliances.


  • Pliers

    Shop general purpose and specialty pliers designed for bending and manipulating orthodontic wire.

  • Spatulas

    Our spatulas serve several important functions, including mixing plaster, cement and wax.

  • Carvers

    Our carvers are specially created for manipulating wax and orthodontic models.

  • Knives

    Our knives and scrapers are specially designed for carving plaster and other laboratory functions.

  • Nippers

    Our nippers can be used to cut orthodontic wire and plaster while fabricating appliances.

  • Shears

    Our shears can be used for hand trimming appliances or even metal bands.

  • Saws

    Our saws and blades are perfect for creating orthodontic setups on plaster or stone models.

  • Model Holders

    Our model holders are an essential tool for any laboratory technician fabricating oral appliances.

  • Other Instruments

    Shop for other instruments, including calipers, hemostats and more.