Laser Sintered

Find metal laser sintered appliances, including expanders and space maintainers.

Laser Sintered AppliancesLaser Sintered Appliances


  • Digitally designed for accuracy & precision fit
  • Uniquely strong, flexible, and durable
  • Low profile for a more comfortable fit
  • Fit and path of insertion issues are identified at digital design rather than chairside

“Band-supported appliances are many and varied, including space maintainers, habit mitigation appliances, and the like. While these appliances offer many advantages for our patients, the need to use bands to secure them poses challenges. Multiple appointments are typically required, a band inventory must be maintained, and, when treating a mixed-dentition patient, management challenges can be added to the list. The advent of scanning technology has been a game-changer for younger patients; the most significant criterion for treatment in my practice used to be whether a child could tolerate an alginate impression. But even with scanning, creating adequate space and fitting bands was still a problem.

Great Lakes sintered bands further simplify appliance fabrication, effectively expanding the ability to offer treatment by reducing chair time and the need for the patient to tolerate appointments and procedures.

- Cheryl DeWood, DDS, PhD
  Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics Practitioner, Glendale, AZ

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