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With a rich history of over 50 years, our commitment to advancing oral health and positive patient outcomes has made us a trusted partner for dentists and laboratories across the globe. Our pioneering work in areas such as orthodontics, dental, sleep & airway, education, and TMD treatment is recognized globally. We collaborate closely with leading dental clinicians worldwide to develop and refine our products, ensuring they meet the highest standards and clinical needs.

Our unwavering dedication to quality, reliability, and continuous innovation sets us apart. We pride ourselves on enhancing practice efficiency and patient care for all of our customers. Explore our products and laboratory and discover how our comprehensive solutions can revolutionize your dental practice.

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May 2024 Training Class Schedule

Great Lakes Dental Technologies will provide you with the know-how to make all your appliances in house. This gives you total control over fabrication, turnaround time, and costs. Our in-depth courses cover everything from wirebending exercises to removable appliance fabrication, and laboratory soldering.

13th - 17th Wirebending & Retainer Fabrication (Basic)
20th - 21st Retainer and Active Plate Fabrication (Intermediate)
22nd - 23rd Orthodontic Lab Soldering (Advanced)