Great Lakes has been fabricating high quality appliances for over 50 years. Included here are the most commonly-requested appliances. If there is an appliance you would like to order but don't see, contact us. We have the experience and skill to fabricate any appliance and will be happy to review your request.

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  • Laser Sintered

    Find metal laser sintered appliances, including expanders and space maintainers.

  • Clinical Management

    Find appliances including bleaching trays, mouthguards, and Perio Protect®. 

  • TMD, Head & Neck Pain, & Bruxism

    Find appliances including splints, deprogrammers, and our Rhea® Comfort line.

  • smart moves®

    Our line of smart moves® appliances includes options for simple anterior tooth movement through full arch alignment.

  • Finishing & Retention

    Find appliances including Hawley style retainers, custom positioners, and more.

  • Functional

    Find appliances including Frankels, Bionators, cantilever Herbst®, and more.

  • Habit & Holding

    Find appliances including Nance, space maintainers, lingual arches and more.

  • Sleep & Airway

    Find appliances including telescopic Herbst®, Panthera, OrthoApnea NOA, dreamTAP™ and more.

  • Arch Development

    Find appliances including spring aligners, rapid palatal expanders and more.

  • Study Models

    Find ABO study models.

  • Pre-aligner Therapy

    Find appliances used for Pre-Aligner Therapy, a program developed by Dr. Duane Grummons.