Direct Print Clear Aligners with LuxCreo

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LuxCreo iLux Pro Dental Digital Printing SolutionLuxCreo iLux Pro Dental Digital Printing Solution

LuxCreo iLux Pro Dental System simplifies and automates digital dentistry

LuxCreo provides a same-day delivery system for the high-volume direct-print production of clear aligners.

With certified biocompatible dental resin material, LuxFlow software, iLuxCure Pro, and iLuxWash Dental, the sophisticated LuxCreo Digital Printing System minimizes labor and maximizes daily production. 

LuxCreo is the first to receive US FDA Class II clearance for direct 3D printed clear aligner production.

  • DESIGN - software enables accurate and consistent high-throughput and high yield at a production scale
  • PRODUCTION - direct print digital printers deliver incomparable streamlined production that easily fits in your office
  • MATERIALS - specifically designed dental resins enable fast, accurate printing for high-performance volume production

Experience LuxCreo Production

LuxCreo iLux Pro Dental Standard Digital 3D Printer

LuxCreo iLux Pro Dental Standard Digital 3D PrinterLuxCreo iLux Pro Dental Standard Digital 3D Printer

Powerful, fast, and highly accurate, the iLux Pro 3D printer empowers dental practitioners to create appliances that perform better and are more cost-effective than those made with traditional methods. 

LuxCreo iLuxWash Dental

LuxCreo iLuxWash DentalLuxCreo iLuxWash Dental

iLuxWash Dental enhances the ultrasonic cleaning process by adding a magnetic-driven impeller stirring function. This rapidly agitates the cleaning solution during ultrasonic cleaning while also featuring a heating function, making it more effective in removing residual resin from printed parts. 

LuxCreo iLuxCure Pro

LuxCreo iLuxCure ProLuxCreo iLuxCure Pro

iLuxCure Pro offers best user experience and convenience by providing unique upward and downward high intensity lighting, heating function and 360° curing coverage. 

SepTree Finishing Oven

SepTree Finishing OvenSepTree Finishing Oven

The SepTree Finishing Oven features an integrated shut-off timer.  Digital temperature and timer have a temperature range of 70℉ to 190℉. The timer can be set, in 30-minute increments, for up to 24 hours. 

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