Shop our full line of BioTru® Archwires, including NiTi, Copper, Beta Titanium and Stainless Steel.


  • BioTru® Aesthetic

    Our BioTru® Aesthetic archwires are available in both Stainless Steel and NiTi.

  • BioTru® NiTi

    Our BioTru® NiTi archwires are the wire of choice for early and mid-stages of treatment.

  • BioTru® Copper

    Our BioTru® Copper archwires are the most flexible option for misaligned an uneven cases.

  • BioTru® Contour

    Our BioTru® Contour archwires provide lower initial forces and increased residual forces during treatment.

  • BioTru® Beta Titanium

    Our BioTru® Beta Titanium archwires are nickel free and offer moderate tooth-moving forces.

  • BioTru® Stainless Steel

    Our BioTru® Stainless Steel archwires provide high tensile strength and malleability for late stage treatment.

  • BioTru® Reverse Curve

    Our BioTru® Reverse Curve archwires provide excellent counter-forces to achieve desired treatment outcomes.

  • Gummetal®

    Gummetal® is more flexible than NiTi wire and easily bent to provide active torque.