3D Scanners & Software

Our 3D desktop scanners are used to capture precise 3D scans of physical models.

3Shape Desktop Scanners

  • Creates accurate digital study models in just a few clicks
  • Scans silicone or alginate impressions, and plaster casts
  • Captures extreme detail for excellent clinical results
  • Open STL file format for flexibility and easy integration
  • Adaptive Impression Scanning ensures that the full geometry is captured

Empowers Orthodontic Workflows

  • 3Shape's patented Adaptive Impression Scanning intelligently detects incomplete areas and automatically builds scan sequences to capture the full geometry.
  • Users add virtual model bases to their scanned digital models, efficiently and consistently replicating traditional physical models.

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  • 3D Software

    Our software can be used to build 3D models, design appliances, place brackets and much more.