Lab Equipment & Supplies

Shop for laboratory equipment, including 3D printers, scanners, welders, waxers, lathes and much more.


  • 3D Scanners & Software

    Our 3D desktop scanners are used to capture precise 3D scans of physical models.

  • 3D Printers & Materials

    Our 3D printers can be used to turn 3D scans into highly accurate printed models.

  • Acrylic & Equipment

    Our acrylic resin comes in different colors and configurations for fabricating the perfect appliance.

  • Expansion Screws

    Our expansion screws come in many types and sizes for placement in arch development and other types of appliances.

  • Wire, Clasps & Preforms

    Our wire, claps and preforms are used for fabricating metal based appliances.

  • Herbst & Other Hardware

    Shop for appliance hardware and kits, including Herbst hardware and Inman components.

  • Pliers & Instruments

    Our laboratory instruments are designed for laboratory technicians fabricating a multitude of appliances.

  • Health & Safety

    Our health and safety equipment keeps technicians safe while working with potential pathogens.

  • Wax & Waxers

    Shop for wax and waxing products, including handheld waxers and a variety of tips.

  • Soldering & Welding

    Shop for soldering and welding products including the famous Great Lakes spot and tack welders.

  • Appliance Trimming & Finishing

    Shop for finishing products including handpieces, lathes, dust collectors, polish and more.

  • Plaster & Model Work

    Shop for plaster and equipment including mixers, model trimmers, as well as plaster and stone.

  • Miscellaneous Lab

    Shop for miscellaneous lab products including appliance cases and more.