Brackets, Archwires & Auxiliaries

Our Great Lakes brackets, archwires and auxiliaries are manufactured to the highest quality at a value price.

Great Lakes offers a full line of quality fixed appliances and accessories that are value-priced for practice profitability. Great Lakes brackets are designed by orthodontists, for orthodontists. Every single bracket is hand-inspected and engineered to exact tolerances. Our Archwires are precision engineered for maximum performance at each stage of treatment. Our Buccal Tubes and Auxiliaries are manufactured to exact tolerances for performance and precision control. 

Customer Testimonials

Don’t just take it from us. We want you to hear what your colleagues have to say.

BioTru® Ceramic Brackets

"I have used several different clear brackets from many different companies. I have been using the Great Lakes Orthodontics BioTru® Ceramic brackets for about a year and they are great! They are low profile and durable - I haven't had a tie wing break yet and I have bonded hundreds of them. They look good and the price is right! The other clear brackets I was using were nearly 10 times more expensive, but these brackets are just as aesthetic and more durable. I plan to continue using Great Lakes BioTru Ceramic brackets!"

Dr. Gregg Toolson
Encinitas, California

BioTru® Archwires

"We've used BioTru® wires from Great Lakes Ortho and our clinical efficiency is at an all time high, as their ease of use keeps my staff happy. The wires provide a biologic force to help tooth movement proceed smoothly, and the various arch forms allow me to personalize treatment for each patient."

Dr. Carl Gioia
Louisville, Kentucky


  • Bracket Systems

    Shop our full line of orthodontic brackets, including self-ligating, ceramic, sapphire and metal twin.

  • Archwires

    Shop our full line of BioTru® Archwires, including NiTi, Copper, Beta Titanium and Stainless Steel.

  • Buccal Tubes

    Shop our full line of buccal tubes, available in several prescriptions and wire sizes.

  • Nitinol Springs

    Shop our full line of NiTi springs, including retraction, distalizing and opening springs.

  • Bonding & Adhesives

    Shop our full line of bonding agents, adhesives and accessories for excellent bracket adhesion.

  • Orthodontic Accessories

    Shop orthodontic treatment accessories, including bite ramps, ligatures, stops, hooks and tools.

  • Class II Correctors

    These products were designed by Dr. John Voudouris to treat patients with overbite and open bites.