Shop materials and learn how to fabricate several varieties of Mouthguards using the Biostar® or MiniSTAR®.

Great Lakes recommends various thicknesses of Clear and Colored Mouthguard material depending on the patient and the sport/activity.

For optimum patient protection, we recommend following our dual-laminate mouthguard fabrication technique. This can be accomplished by thermal forming one piece of material on top of another. By applying a clear layer on-top of a colored layer, decals, names, and logos can be embedded in the mouthguard while adding extra strength and protection. Many doctors find it ideal to fabricate using a 2mm+2mm or 2mm+3mm configuration.

For doctors desiring great patient protection and the ease of one-layer fabrication, we also offer Xtreme Bioplast® material. Xtreme integrates two degrees of hardness in one piece of material. A transparent, rigid, "V-shaped" section provides extra anterior protection. This material is also thicker, which may be necessary for some sports and activities.

Single & Dual Laminate Mouthguard

Mouthguard Trimming & Finishing

Using Xtreme Mouthguard Material

One-Step Mouthguard

Multi-Colored Mouthguard

Mouthguard with Strap

Mouthguard with Occlusal Indexing

Mouthguard Over Brackets

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