BioTru® Ceramic

Our BioTru® Ceramic brackets offer a unique blend of aesthetics, function and strength at an affordable price.

BioTru® Classic Benefits


  • Dovetail base design has an interlocking adhesive tooth interface for maximum bond strength, yet debonds easily when needed.
  • Bracket design and ceramic material are engineered for exceptional bond strength and fracture resistance. 
  • Precision cut, diamond polished slots increase torque control and sliding mechanics. 
  • Made from 99.9% pure Polycrystalline Alumina ensures the translucency patients want. 


  • Utilized in patients where aesthetics and cosmetic needs, as well as financial requirements are a concern.
  • Provides an invisible, stain resistant appearance throughout the treatment.
  • To enhance overall aesthetics, the following auxiliaries are provided:
    • Coated steel ligature ties 
    • Coated springs and clear elastic ligature ties

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  • Individual Brackets

    Shop for individual BioTru® Ceramic brackets and build your own prescription.