BioTru® Sapphire

Our BioTru® Sapphire brackets offer the ultimate in crystal clear aesthetics at an affordable price.

BioTru® Sapphire Benefits


  • Invisible against any tooth shade and remains crystal clear without staining.
  • Diamond polishing/finishing process produces rounded, smooth corners for uncompromised patient comfort. 
  • Exceptionally strong and highly fracture resistant, but also functional with easy-to-ligate tie wings. 
  • Bond strength is provided by a Zirconia sphere coated base, creating millions of undercuts that mechanically lock with the bracket adhesive. 
  • Secure retention during the length of treatment and predictable debonding at the end of treatment.
  • Anatomically contoured tooth-specific design fits the tooth curvatures perfectly to increase bond strength.


  • For patients who demand the highest standards in aesthetically cosmetic bracket systems.
  • Recommended to be utilized with Tooth Tone coated archwires, auxiliaries, and clear elastomeric ligature ties for maximum aesthetics.
  • Small bracket size and low profile design is ideal for both clinicians and patients.

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