3Shape Communicate Instructions

  • Click on "Register"

               3Shape Login

  • Select "Register your Dental Lab" or "Register your Dental Clinic"

       3Shape Communicate Registration

  • Fill-in all the fields

        3Shape Register Dental Lab

  • If you are registering a Dental Clinic - be sure to check "I have a 3Shape Dongle" and add your dongle number that was provided to you

         3Shape Register Dental Clinic

  • Once you register, you will receive an email confirmation. Click the 3Shape link provided in that email

         Registration at 3Shape Communicate

  • The link will direct you to 3Shape Communicate. Select "Start Work"

            3Shape Communicate Activation

  • It will then direct you to a Log-in page. Enter the email and password you created and select "Log On"

            3Shape Log In

  • Select "Connections" toward the top of the page

           3Shape Connections

  • You can find Great Lakes Dental Technologies by entering our email address into the search box: [email protected]

            3Shape Connect To

  • Select "I Agree" and "Connect"

  • One Great Lakes accepts the connection, you are ready to send your files.