Itero Instructions

• Log onto to check for any iTero files

• Click on the blue hyperlink under code:


• Select “Export”:


  • Export Type will always be “Open Shell”
  • Data Format will always be “File per Arch" (arches oriented in occlusion)
  • Folder Name: leave the “code” that appears there and add the patient name in front of it as shown above
  • “Export”


• “YES” open the exported files



 • Two .stl files will then be created

  • These are the .stl files you will be uploading to the GLDT portal. Be sure to keep this computer folder open or save the .stl files to your desktop so you can easily find them to attach to your portal case.


• Using your credentials, login at

• First, you’ll need to make sure you have an electronic signature set up. (This is a one-time only task)

• Select “Electronic Signatures”


• If there isn’t already a signature for the Doctor you’re uploading a case for, select “Create New Electronic Signature”

  • There should be a signature created for every Doctor in your office.


  • Fill out all of the information and use your mouse to sign. Then select “Save”


• Select “New Case”


    • 1. Patient Info:


    • 2. Case Details:


    • 3. Ship Times:

      • If you don’t yet have an appointment scheduled for your patient you can leave the default ship date as is and just select “Next.”
      • If you need the case by a specific date, select “Need this case faster?” and you can select a specific delivery date.


    • 4. Upload Files

      • You can either highlight the files you exported earlier and drag them over or you can select “Add Files” and find the files on your desktop if you saved them there.


    • 5. Confirmation:

      • Select the appropriate Doctor’s signature and “Save Case”


• One you hit “Save Case” you will begin to see the progress of the .stl files uploading.

• While the case is uploading, DO NOT move the mouse or navigate away from the page. This could cause the files to distort and cause a delay in the fabrication of the case.