BioTru® Classic Metal Twin

Our BioTru® Classic metal twin brackets offer a true straight wire system and exceptional quality at an affordable price.

BioTru® Classic Features


  • 4-Dimensional appliance bracket needs no offset bends in the archwire to obtain an optimal finish.
  • Foil mesh bonding pad matches the curvature of the tooth for maximum contact and a strong, consistent bond.
  • Torque in the base designed to provide level slot lineup, and helps avoid occlusal interference.
  • Special option available for bicuspid brackets that feature a gingivally offset bonding base.


  • This classic bracket system combines the concepts of traditional orthodontics with the latest engineering and production processes.
  • Professionals have the ability to choose from a wide range of treatment options and protocols to best meet the needs of your clients and your practice. 
  • Ideal for all treatment patterns as brackets can be interchanged within prescriptions. 
  • All bracket prescriptions utilize the same In/Out for slot level alignment and inter-changeability.

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  • Individual Brackets

    Shop for individual BioTru® Classic metal twin brackets and build your own prescription.