Rhea® Comfort Line

Rhea Occlusal Appliances are fabricated with a combination of unique heat-softening materials, and an innovative manufacturing process, 

Introducing the Rhea® Family of Occlusal Appliances

Thousands of our customers have told us the number one problem with splints is that they don’t fit properly. This results in tedious chairside adjustments and sometimes requires re-appointing and re-impressing the patient.

The difficulty of obtaining exact impressions and variances in stone expansion cause a fair percentage of ill-fitting appliances, and consequently poor functioning appliances.

With a combination of unique heat-softening and splint materials, and an innovative manufacturing process, the Rhea Occlusal Appliance is the solution to poor-fitting, uncomfortable splints.

Significantly Different

The Rhea Occlusal Appliance is significantly different than existing appliances that use heat-softening materials like Talon®, CLEARsplint™, or Variflex™. Rather than simply softening to temporarily engage undercuts, the Rhea will actually re-form to subtle differences in the patient’s dentition, and compensate for slight inaccuracies in impressions and the deformities caused by plaster expansion.

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