Premium Type II Deionized Water (58oz)

Premium Type II Deionized Water; ideal to extend the life of the DADO Laser Welder
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For optimum performance, the manufacturer of the DADO Laser Welder recommends changing and refreshing the cooling water in your DADO once each year, with Premium Type II Deionized Water. 

Why deionized water? Deionized water, or DI, has been treated to remove all ions (all of the dissolved mineral salts) that are commonly found in water. DI water greatly reduces the risk of mineral deposits that can block coolant flow and potentially harm your welder. DI also eliminates the risk of electrical arcing due to static charge build-up from the circulating coolant.  A properly cooled welder provides the best welding results.

Each bottle contains approximately 58 ounces of DI, sufficient to refresh all the water in your DADO Laser Welder.

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