Nylon Flat Plane Splint

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  Great Lakes Exclusive

This item is exclusive to Great Lakes within the United States or other territories.

The Nylon Flat Plane Splint* is a full coverage splint with an even, flat occlusal surface providing smooth contacts for the opposing arch. Also

known as a hard nightguard. This low-profile appliance precisely engages the undercut to provide ideal retention and fit.

*Patent pending

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Appliance advantages:

  • Optimized retention
  • Superior durability
  • Lowest possible profile
  • Flexible biocompatible nylon
  • Enhanced patient comfort

More Information
Great Lakes Exclusive Yes
Medicare Accepted No
Removable Yes
Banded No
Material Type Biocompatible Polyamide Medical Grade Nylon
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Nylon Splint Durability Demonstration

Comparing Nylon Splints to Traditional Acrylic

Adjusting Contacts on a Nylon Splint

Appliance Specific

Intraoral scans or models -

  • Upper and Lower with palate
  • 4-5mm extended beyond gingival margins
  • See Rx for bite requirements

Care Instructions

Clean using DentaSOAK.

Wear Times


Appliance Warranty

1 Year